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Upload file / Provide URL
You can upload most audio or video formats. (Maximum 20MB)
If your file is video format, please upload to a video hosting service like YouTube instead, and provide the URL. Note: You can upload a video and mark it as “Unlisted”

Number of Speakers
Please let us know how many people are speaking in the video.

Exact Audio Length
Please check the length of the video or audio. Our prices are rounded to the nearest 30 seconds.
For example, at $0.50/min a 1x speaker, 3m40s file will cost $2.00.
Similarly, at $0.50/min a 1xspeaker, 3m02s file will cost $1.50.
Please use mmm:ss or mm:ss format.

Speaker Names Required
If this box is checked, we will transcribe all audio, and mark as Speaker 1, Speaker 2.
When you receive the transcription file, you can easily “Find & replace” to put in the actual names of the speakers. (We do not offer this service.)

Transcription Style
= Verbatim transcriptions include filler words/false starts/errors & corrections as they are heard. For example, if the speaker says “and then, and then I…” we will transcribe this exactly as heard.
Natural = A natural language transcription is much more readable. If the speaker stammers, we will correct it. For example, if the speaker says “So and, and I, I, what I did was…” we will correct to “So what I did was…”
This is much better for blog content/SEO purposes.

Closed Captions (VIDEO ONLY)
We can create closed captions that will sync to your YouTube video. We can use other video platforms, but we recommend YouTube.
As the audio is spoken, we will ensure the CC (Closed Captions) match what is seen on screen, syncing the text with the audio.
We will provide you with a text file (.srt) that you can upload to YouTube.
This file will open with any good Notepad app. You can also use it to hardcode subtitles on your video.
We cannot provide CC for audio files. We must be able to watch the video in order to create the Closed Captions in time with speech.

How to insert CC on YouTube:

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