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Okay. So, what’s your problem?

No, seriously… what’s your biggest pain in the ass right now as a content creator?

I’ll tell you right now – most of our clients at Content Soup really HATE having to transcribe their audio for:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube videos (Vimeo, Daily Motion etc.)
  • Webinars
  • Instructional Videos
  • Interviews
  • Phone recordings
  • Tutorials
    etc. etc.

Step into my office.
Because I’m about to drop some badass SEO knowledge on you.

Why you should ALWAYS transcribe your audio: –

  • You make your content accessible for the deaf or hard of hearing. In the USA, around 1 in 20 people are deaf or hard of hearing. That’s 11 MILLION people who would read your content.
  • Having transcriptions enables visitors to read through important stuff like websites you talk about (and then they can click on your affiliate links!)
  • Search engines can read a title and description, but if they can read the ENTIRE content of your video, you are much more likely to rank better in the SERPs, and supercharge on-page & off-page SEO factors!
  • Written content – wherever you share it – absolutely increases your presence on search engines, and has huge SEO benefits.
  • You can share snippets of this written content on social media AND put audio/video clips on there too. basically, you cater for ALL audiences.
  • You can syndicate your transcription to blogs and websites, further increasing your backlinks and diversity.
  • People may have very little time in their day for listening to podcasts. They are selective. If they can scan the transcript and READ how interesting it is – they are more likely to listen to YOUR content over competitors!
  • User experience is critical when they visit your website or video page, or your podcast page. By providing multimedia content, you are almost guaranteeing lower bounce rates and better user experience.

“But, DAMN IT! Transcription is so expensive!!!” I hear you cry…

Yes, it is. If you use a traditional content company, they will charge you much more than the cost of a regular article. And good transcription freelancers start at around $0.75/minute, with extras.
But our service is different.
We nailed down a KICKASS 3 STEP PROCESS that ensures we maximise the number of clients we can service, and maximise the quality of the transcription WITHOUT compromising on value for money.

Our process:

  • We have a STENOGRAPHER transcribe to SHORTHAND. They can listen to audio at 1.25x speed or faster. Superhuman heroes who type like lightning.
  • We have a SHORTHAND specialist transcribe this text at 1.25x speed of faster, who make the content legible. This is a super-fast process that weeds out any errors.
  • The final stage is QA. Our professional LINE EDITORS check the transcription against the original audio for the final quality assurance phase.

Pretty neat, right?

All of these professionals work together in a production line process that is both fast and accurate. Believe it or not, it takes less time than using premium AI services or just one superhuman person.

In essence… we are really, REALLY good at what we do, but it won’t break the bank.

We also have pedigree. Our team has worked on a contractual basis for years, producing transcriptions for multi-million dollar influencers, podcasters and creators.
As we expanded the team and streamlined our process, it enabled us to offer our services to a wider audience. We came up with a nifty name for our team, and hit the BHW forum!

Oh, ok… so you’re asking… Couldn’t I do this myself?
Sure you could… Remember, though… Time is money!
You could easily transcribe that audio yourself. You could use an AI service and just edit it. (Mmm.. that sounds like a fun evening for you!)
Do you really have the time for that? Do you really want to do it?

No, we thought not.

Wait… You could hire a cheap freelancer from Fiverr.
Yes. We all know how that plays out. You hire and fire ten or twenty people until you find “the one”. You’re so happy, and you give them ALL of your work.
Only to be given the “Sorry! My dog ate a murder hornet and I just need a teeny weeny extension!
or “I missed the deadline, but I’m working on your transcription right now! Thanks for your patience!

Patience? PATIENCE? Who has patience when you’ve got a podcast to promote? Patience does not make you a dime.

Our Mission: We free up your time to increase revenue generating opportunities for your business.

So this is the no-brainer offer.

We only handle a certain number of clients at any one time.
You book a slot for your transcription, and a delivery date.
When we say we’ll deliver, WE DELIVER.
It’s all about Peace of Mind.

If we DON’T deliver on time, your transcription cost is reduced by 20% for every day we go over the agreed date. But we’ve never had to do this, of course…


$0.50 per audio/video minute (per speaker)

[Price is PER SPEAKER. So, if you have two speakers, the cost is $1.00/min. Three speakers = $1.50/min]

WHAT?! But transcription costs WAAAAY more than that?

You’re right. Unless you are using Content Soup. Check out the comparison below: –

Example: 10 minutes YouTube video, verbatim, with 2 speakers.

REV – $15.00 (2 – 12 hour delivery)
TranscribeFiles – $840 (2 – 3 day delivery) 
Fiverr (Top Rated Seller) – $15-$20 (2 days delivery, murder hornets notwithstanding)
Content Soup – $10.00 (24hrs – 72hrs maximum delivery)

Note: This cost also includes verbatim transcription if required.


Here are the full features list for the service: –

  • Verbatim transcriptions (includes filler words/false starts/errors & corrections as they are heard)
  • Natural language (e.g. if your speaker says “and, and, and…” we correct to “and,”
  • Named speakers (ideal for interviews, podcasts etc.)
  • Timestamps (closed caption service also available)
  • We round to the nearest 30secs when we price – making it easier on your pocket!

Full information on pricing is available here.

Plus… our process is so good, we are able to pay NATIVE ENGLISH staff an excellent hourly rate.

More than that, this is actually work they love to do. So you are employing people with a PASSION for this type of work, using a process that has been perfected over the last few years.
(We don’t know of anyone else in the industry who does it our way)

So… here’s some FAQ if you were still on the fence…


Q. Wait! Why are you called Content Soup??
A. From our marketing guy… “Google is ALWAYS HUNGRY for good content… so we feed its algorithm with HEARTY, JUICY content that it CRAVES so badly. FRESH, MEATY CHUNKS of SEO rich content seasoned with DELICIOUS keywords. Google will eat up your content like there’s no tomorrow!”.
Seems legit.

Q. Do you provide timestamps?
A. Yes, but you also have the option to not have timestamps too (if you want an article style piece of content or interview style for example).

Q. Do you have an Express Delivery option?
A. Yes. This is calculated at checkout depending on current workload. Typically, Express option costs $5 – $10 and delivery is made within 24hrs.

Q. Do you offer bulk discounts?
A. Yes! Simply check our pricing plans when you order.

Q. Do you offer a synced closed caption service?
A. Yes! There is an additional cost per audio minute (per speaker) and this will include full syncing with the original video/audio. We will need to quickly review the video before committing.

Q. What languages do you support?
A. Currently, and for the foreseeable future, we only support ENGLISH language audio/videos. Our team is spread around the USA, UK and Canada, so English is preferred!

Q. Do you ever refuse audio?
A. Yes, it has been known. We will sometimes tell customers that the audio quality is not good enough to transcribe, or there’s too much crosstalk. If this happens, we will refund any payments and provide full feedback on why we cannot accept the audio.

Q. What types of audio content will you accept?
A. As long as it does not fall into the category of hate speech, racism, vulgar or abusive content and all of that nonsense, we will be happy to transcribe it. That said, we also accept erotic audio, adult themed and similar. If you’re not sure, send us a sample and we’ll be happy to assist!

Q. How come I’ve never heard of you?
A. We’re very secretive about our services & client base. However, for the most part, our team has been working on long term contracts secured via a sales team. We’ve all been in content (of one form or another) since 2008.
Without getting into too much detail… during the pandemic, we wanted (and needed) a new direction. We are now partnered with a marketing team that specialize in outreach with blogs, content creators, influencers, podcasters and more. So far the results say we can absolutely expand our business.

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